Branding vs. Marketing

Marketing is the equivalent of asking someone on a date.

Branding is the reason to say yes.”

Ren Jones

I believed from a very young age that I was interested in advertising. I used to watch all the adverts in-between TV show trying to find out; what they were selling? Could I guess the product before it was relieved? Would I want to buy it afterwards?

However, only recently in the last three years I realise that adverts are a small part of marketing and marketing is a small part of branding.

This opened me to the world of branding and how it can influence a business.


Branding is the presentation of your business, its values, beliefs, products or services. Branding is an encapsulation of your entire business.

This involves presenting the very essence of your business to anyone who interacts with it. Logos, graphics and websites are a great way to present your business, its values and your products/services. However, branding goes far beyond that. If an employee talk to an individual about your business, how they talk about it and what they say about your business reflects your brand.

In a sense your businesses brand is constant and always reflects your business. Your brand is how people experience your business.


Marketing is based on exchange relationships. Basically how you get people to buy what you are selling.

Marketing in essence sell the product/service and the brand surrounding the product. Marketing sells your brand. If your company has a poor brand no matter how good your marketing team is people will not remember who your business is or what they are selling.

The main difference between marketing and branding is that marketing is often a project or exercise, your adverts will only be shown in a magazine or at one time on TV.

However, branding is constant and lasting. A strong brand is an investment for your business, once an strong brand has been created for your business it will last for decades.

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