Dystopia’s Vision

We are Dystopia Design a strategic brand identity agency. We are here as a service to your business to help it grow and expand by, developing how customers see and perceive your business.

person on black and gray keyboard

Dystopia Design was founded by William Roberts, a young entrepreneur.

The vision of Dystopia is to help small and medium-sized business (SME) improve their branding. William identified that many SMEs overlook their brand and do not develop it. This leads to the business being left behind because the business is no longer relatable to the customers. William particularly noticed this in the construction industry, whilst he was working as a part-time labourer for three years. It was evident that many company’s logos were outdated. Dystopia hopes to help SMEs in construction and other sectors to improve their branding. This will give the businesses customers and future customers a consistent image of what the business is like.

To see how Dystopia Design can help your business contact us at william@dystopiadesign.co.uk