Brand Identity

Business in the trade industry tend to have poor brands, which leads to lack of memorability, lack of identity, lack of recognition.

A brand identity encapsulates how your business is portrayed to anyone who encounter your business. Your brand identity should be fully unique and specific to your business and its values, and Dystopia Design will create this for you. The Brand identity service is a fully comprehensive package, including; logo design, branding documents and document creation

Dystopia will create an identity document showing what your business stands for and the meaning behind its logo, name and design. Branding documents will also be created to show how your business should be portrayed through your logo, text, images and graphics. This package also includes logo creation and will come in a variety of formats which can be used in accordance with the branding and identity documents. This document can then be used by you going forwards in business to keep a clearly defined brand for your business.

Business with a strategically constructed brand can have: improved customer loyalty, more recommendations from word of mouth, a memorable business, easily identifiable and have an advantage over their competitors