SEO, standing for Search Engine Optimisation is essentially how to get to the top of Google.

When Google is searching through webpages to order a search for the searcher it will read through many different websites and determine off your webpages which is the best to present. By ordering your information differently it will make your website preferable to Google and show it higher in the search.

There are three main ways to improve your SEO, Key Phrases, Taglines and backlinking

SEO – Key phrases

Key phrases are words or phrases that will be highlighted to search engines as they scan your page, for example if you had a page about SEO the key phrases would be: Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, Google, tag lines and Back links.

Key phrases can be controlled by a SEO plug-in on your web hosting or in its; simplest form making sure you have the correct key phrases organically throughout your webpage

Dystopia will manage your pages to make sure they have the correct key phrases for that webpage. We will make sure the correct phrases are organically in your webpages and manage any SEO plug-ins your website has.