enlighten ltd are experts with employee assistant programmes. The businesses core value is that if businesses look after their employees they will look after your business.

The Brief

enlighten had a long standing brand for 13 years. It was an effective brand however as it had not adapted and changed it became archaic.

Dystiopia Design was tasked with creating a new and exciting brand to engage with customers. Enlighten works in employee well being, so the brand we created was one of positivity, health and knowledge.

As you can see Enlighten’s new logo is a drastic contrast to their previous logo which is shown below. However Dystopia did retain Enlighten’s old brand identity in the development of a new brand.

Content creation

Dystopia was tasked with creating content for Enlighten’s website and social media. As shown below Dystopia created an album of images to be used by enlighten throughout their work coupled with their new branding guide lines.