Marula Energy is a new energy company that micro-finances solar home systems to families in developing countries. The Sussex based start-up uses small solar kits to provide energy to those in rural committees that do not have access to electricity and rely on expensive and dangerous fuels like kerosene.

The Brief

Dystopia helped Marula with a full business rename and re-brand. Marula was initial called RED, Renewable Energy Development but the company wanted to change its angle to focus greatly on an international brand.

Dystopia created the name Marula Energy because of the Marula tress’ meaning and sentiment in Africa. It is a perfect name for the company. For the re-brand Dystopia wanted to create a progression in the companies brand rather than an full overhaul.

shown below is the previous logo when Marula was called RED

Branding Guidelines

Dystopia also created branding guidelines for Marula so any literature or publications made in the future with be consistent to the brand showing the company’s values and beliefs.


Dystopia Design rejuvenated Marula’s website with the companies now branding. Dystopia updated the website from its previous dark theme to a brighter and friendlier design reflecting Marula’s brand values.

Product Design & Prototype

Dystopia was asked to design and create a solar home system that could be used for presentations and displays to investors and customers.

We designed a model that would show all the products abilities whilst being portable and compact. These images show the build of the prototype.

Sadly due to unforeseen circumstances this business is no longer operational