P Howlett & Co was founded in 1953 and is a family run construction company. Howlett has been operating in the area of Berkshire for over 60 years. The range of work carried out by P Howlett & Co has been vast over the years from new builds and full house renovations to building bay windows and driveways.

The Brief

P Howlett & Co had a long standing website which was published over 9 years ago. It was an effective website for the time but with the changes in technology and design it was necessary for the website to be updated to stay current and competitive.

Dystiopia Design was tasked with creating a new and exciting website to engage with customers and prospects.

As you can see P. Howlett & Co. new website is a drastic contrast to their previous website which is shown below. However, Dystopia did retain P. Howletts’ old brand identity and developed the brand in the new website.

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